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Instant truck booking, Fast payment, Fare negotiation, Live - Shipment, Truck and Driver management and more..

Whistle Freights Features


Shipper’s inquiry is floated to Carriers in the pickup location’s vicinity and their own, thus localizing their requirements pan India


Direct negotiations between Shippers and Carriers secure a hassle-free and a transparent pricing structure.

Exclusive credit

Shippers can avail unsecured credit cards which can used to forward payments to the Carrier as and when required.

Truck Visibility

Carriers can upload their trucks on the portal, allowing them to access all the Shipper inquiries in their area.

Driver SOS

Shippers, Carriers and Drivers have an ease of mind knowing their driver’s location and condition, as the driver can communicate emergencies with one button.

Continuous updates

As Whistle Freights is designed for the transporters, by the transporters, all updates will be catered towards optimizing the entire transport industry.


Get Your Trucks Busy All The Time

Gain access to a larger marketplace, increase your vehicles' runtime, and optimize your assets by increasing your visibility.

Vinod Punia
Managing Director, Pragati Logistics.
“Whistle Freights app is very easy to use and through this app our vehicles get loads faster and our trucks' down time has reduced considerably.”

Lower Overhead Costs

Transparent, fast and live negotiations between shippers and carriers ensure freight rates optimization.

Jitendra Parikh
Founder, Special Mover.
“Our loads always get delivered on time as Whistle Freights never fails even if its an emergency.”

About Us


Our Vision

To digitize logistics and be a guiding force in the turnaround of the transport industry thus making it a global inspiration.

Our Mission

Bring all fellow transporters together to create a strong, effective and sustainable community of shippers and carriers who nurture the transport business and make it a global leader which the entire world looks upon. Our mission also encompasses the growth and upliftment of truck drivers who are the driving force of this industry.

  • Carrier business
  • Shipper peace of mind
  • Driver safety


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